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          New Album 'Lion'
out September 29th 2023

What people are saying..

''An album that shows the possibilities of an artist who presents a distinctive personal conception of the music he plays, in order to distinguish himself from the rest of the actual blues rock performers.''

‘‘Heard this for the first time on the radio on Saturday. Totally lifted me up. Thanks.”
J. Smith via Youtube

'A ground-breaking album with melodic guitar lines, full of the longing and pathos of the blues;  songs that mirror the human condition with music that fuses rock aggression, jazz sensibilities, beautiful sounds and sheer musical invention.'' (Jeff Alexander, co - producer of Richard's soon to be released album 'Lion.')

'My kind of blues '' Kansas City Radio

”Richard Rozze is an artist who has successfully forged a unique approach to his playing and compositions. He glides effortlessly through multi-genre worlds, his solos flawlessly committed to his surroundings. On this debut album, the listener will be enthralled by Rozze’s ability to fuse elements of rock, jazz, folk & Americana. You will stop asking yourself “what style of music am I listening to?” and realise the question is moot, it’s just great music!”

(Paul Booth – Saxophonost with Steve Winwood Band)



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