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          New Album 'Lion'
out September 29th 2023

What people are saying..

''An album that shows the possibilities of an artist who presents a distinctive personal conception of the music he plays, in order to distinguish himself from the rest of the actual blues rock performers.''


''a classy set of self penned blues-rockers complete with some tasty soloing''  RnR Magazine

''an album that oozes class...if it were a drink it would be a Bailey's Irish Cream..the Lion is a mature Cat, he knows what he is about...''  PowerPlay Rock and Metal Magazine 

He’s a skilful guitarist who lets his tones colour the tracks as part of a new take on the power trio format, in which he uses subtlety, feel, real emotion and dynamics instead of simply power.

At his best he’s Peter Green, as on the haunting solo of ‘Go It Alone’, or Eric Johnson meets Pat Metheny on the more complex ‘Living Man..''   Pete Feenstra

'A ground-breaking album with melodic guitar lines, full of the longing and pathos of the blues;  songs that mirror the human condition with music that fuses rock aggression, jazz sensibilities, beautiful sounds and sheer musical invention.'' (Jeff Alexander, guitarist, professor of guitar)

 ''his neo-Nick Drake vocal hovers over a song....'Pete Feenstra

'My kind of blues '' Kansas City Radio

''A very deft touch on guitar with ear-catching voicings instead of standard dominant chords makes these Richard Rozze songs stand out....a conversational tone and melodic sense conveys these songs very well. ''

''Lion is an album you get more from each time you play it...the twin cannons of emotional and musical depth.''

''An excellent and interesting album.'' Ashywn Smith, Digital Blues

”Richard Rozze is an artist who has successfully forged a unique approach to his playing and compositions. He glides effortlessly through multi-genre worlds, his solos flawlessly committed to his surroundings '' 
(Paul Booth – saxophonost with Steve Winwood Band)



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