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I hope each track tells a story - having a beginning, middle and an end with a unifying theme and/or emotion. 

For this album I found I was composing in song-like forms (either AABA, like many of the Great American Songbook forms) or that a track may have a 'hook' or recognisable theme that was returned to. The solo sections would serve the melodic and emotional content of the pieces. For many of the pieces I tried to sing the melody rather than compose at the instrument. I am drawn to music where the melody is lyrical and linear. I want the quintet or quartet line - up on this album to sound as big as possible by carefully considered arrangements. 

I hope the tracks have am uplifting quality that - on reflection, the tracks seem to have a consistent feeling of hope. 

We had gigged the material a couple of times. The night before the initial recording I came down with the flu. The recording had to be put back - which was a blessing, as I was able to focus on a few weak aspects of the compositions. Here, I must give thanks to Jeff Alexander - musician and friend, who gave me some invaluable musical advice - the composition sounds much stronger for that...  more


released February 23, 2015 

Richard Rozze Group 
Richard Rozze - acoustic and electric guitar 
Paul Booth - tenor and alto saxophone 
Malcolm Edmonstone - piano 
Dave Whitford - double bass 
Andrew Bain - drums

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About ‘Above The Waterline.’ 
From March 2020 we started writing material for our second album (which will be available on CD and the usual digital platforms). 
It helped us through those tricky times. Rather than dwelling on the uncertainty of the situation, we were inspired to write hopeful, uplifting, often ‘spiritual’ music that would unite all. The music has the ability to heal and uplift. 
We have been greatly inspired by Deal’s beautiful coast line, historic buildings and Folklore. There is a song on the album, ‘Lone Tree Hill’ inspired by a gruesome tale of a soldier posted at Dover Castle. Another song ‘The Tinker’ was inspired by Richard’s Grandad who made dolls house furniture. Other songs ‘Summer Cries,’ ‘ I Trust The Road,’ and ‘Rainbows End’ embrace the human journey, letting go of the ego and following a simpler path, ‘Winter Bride’ is a heartbreaking story of a lady, who pregnant, was left at the altar. ‘Mabinogion’ is Jo’s ode to her birth place, Wales. 
The CD features some impressive Turner inspired artwork by celebrated Kent artist Matthew Alexander.


released March 25, 2022 

Joanne Doolan -vocals 
Richard Rozze - guitar, dobro, mandolin, vocals 
Jeff Alexander - guitars, vocals 
Dave Whitford -double bass

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The album was created and recorded form 2016 - 2019 as is a result of an exciting collaboration between Joanne Doolan, Richard Rozze and Jeff Alexander. Richard’ was 11 years old when he met Jeff Alexander (some 25 years ago). Jeff was Richard’s first guitar teacher and has since become a musical mentor and close friend. Richard and Joanne first met performing on the London Jazz scene 12 years ago and now live together with their two children. 

The three musicians formed Open Water to play acoustic music but would be ‘open’ in their choice of material. After performing the songs of artists including Alison Krauss, Nick Drake, Pierre Bensusan, Dougie MacLean, The Eagles, Kate Rusby, Tim O’Brien, the band started to compose their own songs and gradually 11 songs were chosen to be recorded. Joanne’s unique vocal tone and vocal harmonies with Richard’s many different instrumental tone colours are weaved together by Jeff’s fingerstyle guitar which explores many unique guitar tunings. Joanne’s intriguing lyrics have been influenced by poets such as Keats and Shakespeare. All three musicians live on the beautiful Kent coast and the music has definitely been influenced by the sea. Open Water have found a sound that is taking acoustic music in new directions and embracing Celtic...  more


released December 13, 2019 

Joanne Doolan - lead and harmony vocals 
Jeff Alexander - guitars, harmony vocals 
Richard Rozze guitars, banjo, mandolin, dobro, harmony vocals 

with Alex Keen - double bass 
Dave Whitford -double bass

acoustic celtic folk bluegrass celtic folk United Kingdom


Waterbound RecordsEngland, UK

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